Thursday, February 21, 2019

Bitcoin Visa Card Virtual or Plastic with Euro or USD for you

The bitcoin Visa debit card that you charge with bitcoin and then use it in stores like any other debit card. The difference is that the funds are extracted from a bitcoin balance instead of fiat fiat banks. Wirex has been operating since 2014 and has offices in London and Tokyo. Opening an account with Wirex is free, however, some charges apply when you request a debit card, use it abroad, etc. See below the details about the charges.

It is worth noting that the Wirex debit card is not currently available to customers living in the United States. The bit card is available in three fiat coins, pounds sterling, euros or US dollars. It has the capacity to have up to six Wirex debit cards, two for each currency, one virtual and one plastic, that is, you can have a virtual card of GBP and a plastic card of GBP. You can do the same for euros and dollars if you wish.
Most prepaid card providers charge a fixed fee if you use your card abroad, however, Wirex is slightly different. They will charge FX at a wholesale price if you use your card internationally. For example, if you have a dollar card (USD) and buy something in England, in pounds sterling, you will be charged a change fee.Bitcoin Visa Card Virtual or Plastic with Euro or USD Cash

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